Antique Tabriz Rug – The Hidden Gateway to an Exotic World

June 19, 2012 by
Filed under: Tabriz Rugs – Antique Tabriz Rugs are not alien to exotic carpet connoisseurs. These are some of the most vibrant carpets from the Oriental Times. They are named after the place they were made, Tabriz, which is the present capital of northwestern Azerbaijan. Tabriz was always hailed as a center of classic Persian culture. During the reign of Shah Abbas the Great (1587-1629), creative artists prospered in this region. Painted miniatures, fabricated metal work, embroidered skills and illuminated manuscripts were created by the fabled artisans and artists of this place during the Safavid era. The harmonious atmosphere propagated by the great ruler brought out the exceptional genius of the court weavers and they produced exquisite Tabriz Rugs.
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#20802 Tabriz – Jalili Tabriz 7’2″ x 10’2″


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