Antique Tabriz Rugs: Creating the Oriental Charm

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Tabriz Rugs
by PeterOle

Antique Tabriz Rugs: Creating the Oriental Charm

Article by Doris Leslie Blau

Are you thinking of getting a rug for your interiors? How about choosing an antique Tabriz rug that is the manifestation of the antique oriental elegance? Incorporating an antique piece into a modern contemporary setting requires flair and imagination. A well-thought out Tabriz rug can be a valuable asset in your home, be it modern or traditional.

A little bit of information on Tabriz can take you a long way in appreciating the value of antique Tabriz rugs. Tabriz is a part of Persia, currently Iran, which was well-known for its beautiful rugs. It is one of the oldest rug-weaving centres in the Oriental world. It also had a big weaving community since the 19th century. It is the capital of Azerbaijan and has always been an important centre of Persian culture. Placed at the foot of volcano Sahand, Tabriz is a fulcrum between the East and the West.

Tabriz reached its golden age during the rule of Shah Abbas (1587-1629). He was a patron of arts and crafts under whose patronage the weavers in Tabriz created excellent rugs and carpets. Though it had minor set back in the early 1800s, by 1880s, Tabriz returned with force under the Qajar dynasty, once again creating the most unique and exceptional rugs. Antique Tabriz rugs were in huge demand even in foreign countries.

In spite of being a land that is subjected to many wars and invasions, Tabriz did not lose its affinity for arts and its extraordinary skills in weaving. Being a cosmopolitan area Tabriz has a style that is a combination of different styles from different parts of Persia. It continues to be the largest and finest rug producing area in Iran even now. Workshops for rug making are a very common scene all over Tabriz.

Tabriz rugs are most often handmade and are coloured with natural dyes rather than artificial ones. They normally have a floral design that is an excellent combination of creativity and precision. Most often you’ll find formal patterns with a central medallion on the antique Tabriz rug. There would be short stems, leaves, flowers, pears, hunting scenes, gardens, etc. Tabriz rugs would have intricate designs and would mostly be in the shades of blue, red, green and ivory colours.

Tabriz rugs come in different sizes and are normally made of soft wool with thin, tight piles. Antique Tabriz rugs are considered better than those produced now in Tabriz not only because of the manual labour behind the antique ones but also because of the skills used to weave the rug. Normally, the weave of the rug are made from fine cotton or silk or the combination of both. Wool and silk are blended to make the pile.

The rugs from Haji Jalili are considered to be the most beautiful rugs produced in ancient Persia. Tabriz has many weavers whose creativity and skills were transmitted from generation to generation. If you take a look at the rug business in Tabriz, the single families or dynasties have dominated the scene always. Weavers often use both Turkish and Persian knots that determine the quality of the rug.

As the antique Tabriz rugs are so skilfully created they are in huge demand and often really expensive. But it’s completely worth it. The combination of the elegance and history of the Persian world thereby creating an aesthetic work of art will personalise your home and give it a different touch.

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