Any ideas for area rugs in my living and dining rooms, please?

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Question by Terri N: Any ideas for area rugs in my living and dining rooms, please?
My living and dining rooms are in an open L shape. The walls are pale cream. Dining room furniture is cream lacquer with brass trim. Living room furniture is a cream background with a narrow old rose stripe and a wide delicate leafy floral stripe in pale green/old rose/blue. I have two slate-ish blue chairs. The floors are oak hardwood (I just ripped up cream wall to wall). I need area rugs, but I’m baffled by trying to get something to go with the floral furniture. I thought to get a green in the living room and the same rug but lapis in the dining room. I don’t want anything dark, my whole house is airy and light colored. I’m looking at Milliken border rugs. I like the Remington but am afraid it’s too severe. I looked at one with an Ionica border, but am not sure about the floral border with my floral furniture even tho they are both delicate. Oriental style is not an option. I have grandsons who are often here so a too light color might not be good. Any help is greatly appreciated.
What I really need is suggestions on patterns.

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Answer by trollunderthestairs
Maybe something in a light sage… have a look at… they carry two brands of area rugs… lots of good ideas! Just type in RUG in the search and a lot will come up. They have Rugs America and Royal Palace. Good luck with your decorating!

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  1. Lin s on Fri, 13th Jul 2012 1:50 pm

    I think I would stay away from patterns or floral. You don’t want competing designs. Stick with solid color in the green rose and blue. They are complimentary without being overpowering. I would go with oval shape if possible to soften the look of the room with those pretty colors.

  2. Daddy of 5 on Fri, 13th Jul 2012 2:48 pm

    Go into your local carpet store and select a really nice carpet that suits your style. Have them order a large enough piece and have it bound to the exact size you want it.

    Then you can get a really nice, well wearing rug and not spend an arm and a leg on it.

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