Any other wool rugs that don’t shed like Karastan?

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Question by Susan M: Any other wool rugs that don’t shed like Karastan?
My mom has had a Karastan rug for 30 years now and it’s in gorgeous condition and it has never once shed. It’s also wool. I need to purchase one, but I don’t like the old fashion designs on the Karastan rugs…does anyone know what other brand rug is equal to a Karastan rug that doesn’t shed? I wish Karastan made more modern rugs in wool.

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Answer by saaanen
Brand doesn’t matter. Any good quality wool rug will not shed. Shop quality, not brand.

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  1. Steve Roan on Sun, 8th Jan 2012 1:04 am

    Karastan does make several wool styles that have a more “modern” appearance. Your mother’s rug was most likely a spool axminster construction, and Karastan has recently introduced the Iconoclast Collection that has transitional patterns in the same construction. There is also a collection called Woven Impressions that is also 100% worsted New Zealand wool (which is one of the main reasons there is limited shedding) and has contemporary patterns as well. These can be seen on I’m Steve Roan, VP of Sales for Karastan Rugs and can be reached via e-mail at if you have any questions or need to know a nearby retailer that has the products I mentioned.

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