ANyone know the cheapest way to carpet a rental??

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Question by Annie: ANyone know the cheapest way to carpet a rental??
We just moved into a townhouse with hardwood floors, The lease requires rugs or carpet under furniture and heavy shelving. Our living room is a bit odd, so most store bought area rugs won’t work well. We can piece a few rugs together, but would like a single rug. We are on a tight budget. Any ideas on how to keep the several small rugs from shifting without carpet tape?? And if we bought a large, room size remnent from a carpet place, would the edges fray since they would be unbound and not tacked down?

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Answer by hummersathome
If your lease requires rugs or carpet under furniture and heavy shelving, why don’t you just get those moveable discs to keep the floor from being damaged.

Otherwise, since the lease is so specific about this, the landlord should be furnishing these supplies and not you.

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  1. nottashygirl on Tue, 20th Nov 2012 6:57 am

    Call your local carpet store and ask them if they sell remnants. These are sometimes large peices left over from another job already done. You can find some great, nice carpet…cheap.

  2. jdebord1976 on Tue, 20th Nov 2012 7:33 am

    remnants (left over pieces)from jobs
    every carpet store has them edges can have wax melted on them (DONE OUTSIDE THAT IS) they make non slip pads to put under

  3. Frank M on Tue, 20th Nov 2012 8:11 am

    Depending on how many yards needed will help. Call and get pricing from various carpet stores. Let them know that you could use from one of their non-moving rolls. Be aware of the fact that carpet stores that have excess rolls of unsold carpet have depreciating unused carpet rolls. Deal with them with that in mind. Get low grade padding. Do the carpet laying yourself. If you don’t know how, there is many self help books to teach you how.

  4. george e on Tue, 20th Nov 2012 8:16 am

    what you need is furniture coasters you could find them @ any hardware store

  5. Christopher Reagan Echols on Tue, 20th Nov 2012 8:24 am

    Measure the area and determine the exact size of rug you’d like. Then call local installers and ask if they have a piece of carpet slightly larger than what you need. Ask for something nice, but mention you’re on a budget.
    Installers routinely take small pieces home with them, but always stumble on them – so you might be doing them a favor.
    Call several installers, sooner or later you’ll catch one with a remnant.
    For about 1$ / linear foot, you can have it bound. Look up Rugs & Binding in the yellow pages.
    Now that I think about it, the local vendor I use for binding always has scrap rugs already bound lying around for sale.

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