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Rug Washing Tubs are currently being promoted as the latest technology in area rug cleaning equipment. The truth is, any rug wash tubs built and sold in North America are just knock offs of a European design. The idea behind this system is good as long as you know what you’re doing, but there are major drawbacks: * Very few rugs can be thrown in a wash tub severe damage. * Cross contamination problems will reduce the amount of rugs able to be put in at a time * Color bleed from one rug to all other rugs in the tub * Enormous amounts of expensive water needs to be used because of the constant emptying and refilling of the unit due to contamination * Medium and large sized rugs are extremely heavy and difficult to lift and pull out of the wash tub * It’s cheaper to have one custom built for you by a local fabricator than it is to buy it at retail prices For a better, greener and more efficient system for removing dirt out of area rugs, see the entire line of RugBadgers and RugRevolutions at
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    Hey,,if someone really wants one of these you can get a local shop to build it for you for under 10k and my engineer will even send you the plans!

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