Bal Harbour Rug Repair

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Filed under: Red Rugs Bal Harbour Odor Removal Bal Harbour Pet Stain Removal Bal Harbour Dry Cleaning Rugs Bal Harbour Rug Restoration Bal Harbour Rug Repair Mail : Miami County : 305-354-7677 These Persian carpets are displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London too. Ardabil carpets are known for their royal appearance. These are similar to that of Caucasian rugs. The patterns of these rugs are mainly geometric and the layouts are diamond shaped medallions. The rugs feature two predominant colors. They are purple and turquoise. Sometimes, you can find other colors such as blue, green, ivory, red and pink. The materials used in these rugs are generally cotton and wool. Sometimes silk is also used for the background. The knots used by the weavers are generally Azerbaijani knots. Designing this knot needs extreme patience and expertise. All the carpets and rugs found in Persia and Iran are created by the nomadic tribes, who started migrating from other places and settled down in the country with great artistic minds. Ardabil rugs are available in all sizes. http http


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