Best way to clean a lot of pet stains from carpet/rug?

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Question by ……………..: Best way to clean a lot of pet stains from carpet/rug?
My sisters dog was very hard to potty train, his favorite spot was upstairs on a large area rug that acts as carpet because it takes up the whole room.Since she recently moved out and took the dog with her. I want to thoroughly clean the area. The rug is very difficult to remove due to the large size and the weight. So I will only do that as a last resort. It is also a dark color so there are no stains, but there is odors. What solution should I use to clean it? I have a carpet cleaner thing that has a scrubby and squirts out solution. I am looking to use something that I have around the house, as opposed to store bought solution.

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Answer by magical wizard lady
1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide
2 tablespoons of baking soda
1 tablespoon of dishsoap

I was given this recipe because there were four cats (not mine) who were not litter trained. Took care of the problem immediately. Which is good, because before nobody could even walk in. If you have a cleaner, I would use it to spread the mixture throughout the carpet- but DO NOT clean it up. Leave it there.

Just pour on, deep- a lot- saturated, and then let it dry. Make sure you shake the bottle but do not leave it. Use it FAST because it WILL explode if you leave it.

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