Can I ask for some furniture as part of home purchase?

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Question by laniray776: Can I ask for some furniture as part of home purchase?
We are under contract and just got inspection results back. There are definitely a couple of issues that I will want to go back to have them either fix or use to reduce the price. I’ve been thinking though that instead of a price reduction, there are things in their home that I like (carpet runner on stairs, their dining room, living room furniture)..has anyone had success negotiating that stuff into a home purchase?

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Answer by Real Estate Guy

The carpet runner should be included.

Sure, ask

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  1. Kass on Sun, 20th Oct 2013 9:45 am

    Sure you can ask for the stuff, and maybe they will give to you. One thing to consider. If you have a lender the lender may require that these fixes be done before closing or as a condition of closing. They may say those repairs must be done, and will you have the money to do them if you take furniture instead of cash.

  2. Mrs HarleyBrat on Sun, 20th Oct 2013 10:36 am

    sure you can ask – put it in writing on your counter offer that you found xx and x issue and rather than those issues being resolved by the seller than tell them you’d take whatever furniture you want instead – the worse the seller can say is no – but certainly worth asking

  3. Bill C on Sun, 20th Oct 2013 10:55 am

    The runner should be part of the house if it is attached. You can ask for anything, they can say no or yes or we want more money.

  4. mccray_51 on Sun, 20th Oct 2013 11:16 am

    The issues that need correcting how serious are they? The appraiser by law will have to call out the issues on his report and the lender may want either the items fixed or money held in escrow for the work to be done prior to closing.

    You may not have anything to negotiate. The lender will insure that they’re not lending on a property that will need extensive repairs in the future. Causing you as the buyer to walk away from the property.

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