Can I bind two small area rugs to make one large one?

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Question by SuzeY: Can I bind two small area rugs to make one large one?
Okay, so I’m being cheap! However, I saw these really cute pink shag area rugs on sale at Target this week. I need it to be larger than the 5 x 8, so I was thinking of somehow binding the two so I would have a 10 x 16. Does anyone know if this is possible? I don’t want to use anything too gooey to join them because the rug will be going over hardwood floors. Let’s hear some creative practical solutions that will work please!

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Answer by Chanteuse_ar
You could probably sew them together with rug yarn that you can get in a craft store. Depending on what the backing of the rugs are made of, this might be difficult OR, they have iron on tape that is made just for rugs. I’ve never seen it in the stores but I’ve never really looked for it either. I did see them use it on a show on HGTV. You lay the rugs face down with the joining edges against each other on the floor, place the tape evenly along the edges you want to connect, and press with a hot iron.

When the joined rugs cool, turn the piece over and comb back and forth with your fingers to hide any of the new seam that night be showing.

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