Carpet Cleaning Marietta Ga – A Short History of Rugs and Rug Making

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Bukhara rugs
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Carpet Cleaning Marietta Ga – A Short History of Rugs and Rug Making While doubtless the rug began as a much more primitive floor covering than we know now, looms have been around for at least 5,000 years. Though there is no real record of the first rugs it is likely these floor coverings were made from wool or reeds or even fur. However, looms using fine thread is depicted by Egyptian drawings from 3000 BC.

While at first these were crude and purely functional protection from the cold bare floor, soon weavers and crafters began to turn rug making into an art form where function melds with beauty. The art form developed even further when it migrated to Persia around 600 BC where the skilled artists with the loom turned Persia into the undisputed quality rug capital. The richly decorated and thick Persian rugs were prized during that era and even today, Persian rugs are synonymous with luxury.

Savon-nerie rugs began in France after Henry the IV established the first factories in France. These coveted rugs resembled oriental rugs in quality, if not style, with a thick luxurious pile.

Bukharas is a central Asian rug with glowing red tones and geometric Palmettos that graced the palaces of royalty. Various offshoots of these gorgeous rugs became popular around the Middle East.

In the US the first steam, driven looms were created by a man named Erastus Bigelow. Before his invention, all rugs were hand woven and took countless person-hours to create. Bigelow has since become a well-known almost iconic name in carpet manufacturing.

While the loom has added a lot in terms of efficiency and production to the art of carpet making, many of the most famous rugs are and were hand crafted. In addition handcrafting employed many materials and styles not suitable for large-scale manufacturing.

Braided rugs are a piece of Americana when everything had value and no item, no matter how trivial was wasted. Torn and useless scraps of clothing were sewn together and then braided to make exquisite rugs. These rugs typify the American settlers and homesteaders.

Oriental carpets are revered even today, they grace the homes of the wealthy, the executive’s offices and boardrooms, and many a fine hotel sports these artistic and wonderfully well-crafted rugs.

The crude beginnings of rug making were the steps upon which today’s standards of luxury are built. The woven reed rugs, which though eminently practical had little to recommend them in the way of aesthetics, were the predecessors of today’s standards of luxury and comfort.

Today our homes are heated and floors are rarely ever cold so protection from the chill of stone is not the purpose of today’s carpet. Instead, they are deeply padded and strongly woven in order to last for years. Carpets today are treated to resist stain come in a rainbow of colors and patterns and most are thick enough to rival any mattress of the rulers of ancient times.

Why do we continue to warm our homes with carpets when the necessity has passed? The answer is that since the beginning rugs have contributed not comfort to a dwelling but beauty and rugs are definitely beautiful and that appeal is timeless.

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