Choosing the Right Rug for Your Hardwood Floor

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Choosing the Right Rug for Your Hardwood FloorChoosing the Right Rug for Your Hardwood Floor

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Home Page > Home Improvement > Choosing the Right Rug for Your Hardwood Floor

Choosing the Right Rug for Your Hardwood Floor

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Posted: Mar 26, 2011 |Comments: 0


Contrasting Colors and Tone

Contrasting colors can really liven up a room, for better or worse. There are various ways to contrast. Some home owners will match deep, red hardwood floor tones with somewhat brighter colors. For instance, orange-reds or light tans and browns. Other home owners will contrast the richer tones of their floor, say a tan or orange hardwood floor in a Burlingame home, to something relatively devoid of color, like a black and white rug, or an off-white one.

Contrasting colors and tones is a great way to really bring your rug, and your floor, to life. A blue rug on a red floor, or a red rug on tan hardwood flooring sets a Hillsborough CA home apart from the neighbors. The other approach would be.

Matching Colors and Tone

Matching a reddish-orange carpet to a reddish floor, for example, can really help to bring out the color in each. If you were shown an off-white piece of paper, you’d think it was just plain white, regardless of how much you know about color. Even Christopher Lowell would have a hard time spotting off-white from plain white in just about any lighting. But, put that off-white piece of paper next to a white piece of paper, and you can see a very clear difference.

This is the essence of matching colors. You’re never going to get two identically colored pieces in any room, be it a curtain and a carpet, a bedspread and wallpaper, or a rug and the flooring. So, getting nearly-matching colors really helps to show off what makes each one unique.

A sandalwood floor with a light tan rug, for instance, is going to lend a room a very soft, breezy kind of look, with the flooring bringing the deeper, richer tones out of the rug while the rug brings the lighter tones out of the flooring. Your eye is trained to look for differences as well as similarities, but the differences are what really stands out when it comes to coloring a room.

Beyond the above, just be sure to pick out a rug (or flooring) that you really like. The perfect rug is hard to come by, so if you have one you love, there’s nothing wrong with getting the flooring to match (especially if you’re not happy with the flooring you have right now, anyways). Having a beautiful rug that you can lay on on a Saturday morning, that keeps your feet warm in the dead of winter and makes your room all that much better to live in can really make the difference between loving your home and feeling bored with it: learn to love your home, and decorate it as you see fit.

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Windsor Harris

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Find out more about wood floor Burlingame. Get more information on hardwood flooring Burlingame and flooring Hillsborough CA.

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Find out more about wood floor Burlingame. Get more information on hardwood flooring Burlingame and flooring Hillsborough CA.

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