Cleaning large area rugs?

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Large area rugs
by Ken Lund

Question by cfbookchick has left the building.: Cleaning large area rugs?How do I clean my large area rugs? I have hardwood floors and the rugs are covering different areas. Two are 4 x 7 rugs and the other is a 5 x 7 wool carpet. I don’t want to harm the wood floors underneath with cleaners.

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Answer by eskie lover
Although I have all of my large area rugs professionally cleaned once a year, I use the Resolve dry granulated carpet cleaner several times a year. Since it is dry, it doesn’t saturate into the flooring below. You simply sprinkle it on the rug, agitate it into the fibers with the brush on a stick that comes with it and wait til it dries to vacuum it up.

It leaves a nice scent, it isn’t expensive and the gallon size should be enough to do all of your rugs a few times. I use it on my Tibetan wool and my silk area rugs without fear of damage. I also use it for spot cleaning on the rug under my dining room table and it takes out the stains with little effort.

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  1. natalie k on Sun, 22nd May 2011 12:57 pm

    you should get “chem dry” to come to your house and clean them for you. do a search on “chem dry” to see if there’s a local service available.

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