Creating Art: The making of an authentic Tibetan Rug.

December 9, 2011 by
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This video takes you through the process of creating an authentic Tibetan Rug brought to you by Ziga Rugs. It starts with the first stage of the carding and spinning of the wool into yarn to the hand knotting of the rug on the loom through to the finishing stages. The making of Tibetan Rugs is an age-old tradition originating in Tibet which is now predominantly produced in Nepal due to the immigration of Tibetan refugees into Nepal. Although it is often known as Nepalese Rugs, us Tibetans prefer to give credit to the land where it all began, Tibet. The making of a Tibetan Rug in Nepal is a lengthy process where highly skilled artisans use age-old traditions and methods to produce modern pieces of woven art. Brought to you by Ziga Rugs- based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. For more information got to:


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