Decorating Your Room in Blue

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Decorating Your Room in Blue

Whether it is a dorm room or a living room, if you like the color of blue then you should incorporate that color into your decor. Blue has so many different tones to choose from. There is bright blue that is the color of the sky on a clear spring or summer day. Then there is a pastel blue, a baby blue, a robin egg blue, and more. There are so many different shades of blue that it may be difficult to decide on the one that is right for you. It’s important when deciding on a blue to make yourself a list of everything that you see that is the color of blue and you like. You can review this list when you are not in a rush and then narrow down your choices to decide which one is right for you.

What Blue Can Do For Your Mood

When you think about blue, many people think about being sad and depressed but that is not true. If you have had a stressful day today, you may feel more relaxed if you sit down in a room that is blue. This color changes the mood for children as well as adults. When using blue to relax with, you need a cool blue tone instead of a bright vivid color. This can range from powder blue to a blue-gray or a blue-green.

Blue can be relaxing in the living room but it is best to paint the walls a solid neutral color like cream or sandy brown colors and then highlight in blue. This can be done by making or purchasing items that are blue in color or highlighted in blue. Try to keep up on the same color so that everything will coordinate.

The Floor

You can add blue rugs down on the floor in the room you want to decorate. These blue rugs can accent a particular area or they can provide warmth to your feet when you are sitting on the sofa or a chair. Try blue shag rugs for the living room. You may want to start off with rectangular rugs or square rugs when you use shag rugs.


You will want to accessorize your room by adding blue pillows to your sofa. You can add blue vases on the end tables and place some light blue flowers in the vase. If you don’t have a lot of time to decorate, consider placing wall decals up that you can just peel off and stick. These are very popular when trying to get a different look in your decor quickly.


If your sofa is a cream color or white, you can accent it with blue pillows or purchase blue chairs to sit on each end of the sofa with an end table in between. You can purchase furniture with blue accents in it and this is great because the decor is not overpowering.

Blue is a beautiful color. If you are stressed when you come home from work or your kids are jumping up and down, maybe it’s time to have a blue room to go to in order for everyone to calm down and just relax.

Fran is a senior staff writer dedicated to helping you learn about interior design with paint colors. Her biggest tip is to lay colored flokati area rugs or solid colored area rugs on your floor to add a fresh new feel to your room.

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