do you know what is the tabriz mean?

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Question by barishguneydagli: do you know what is the tabriz mean?

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Answer by sarayu
It is the name of a town in iran and a dicitionary meaning says as follows for which source is given:
Tabriz (cotton and wool Persian rug with designs)

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  1. whirlwind on Sun, 2nd Jun 2013 4:35 am


    City (pop., 1996: 1,191,043), northwestern Iran. Earthquakes and invasions by Arabs, Turks, and Mongols have damaged the city numerous times. The Turkic ruler Timur conquered it in 1392. During the next 200 years control passed several times between Safavid Iran and the Ottoman Empire. During the 18th–19th centuries it passed between the Ottomans and the Russian Empire, and the same powers fought over it in World War I (1914–18). In the 1850s a schismatic Shi’ite religious leader known as the Bab (“Gateway”) and 40,000 of his followers were executed there. It was damaged during the Iran-Iraq War (1980–90). Notable ancient sites include the 15th-century Blue Mosque, renowned for the splendour of its blue tile decoration, and the remains of the 12-sided tomb of Mongol leader Mahmud Ghazan.

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