Dog pees on rugs, but she has potty pads?

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Question by Dog pees on rugs, but she has potty pads?My dog is house trained to go potty on the disposable potty pads, but she tends to go on rugs and towels left on the floor. I really want to get a modern rug, but I know she will pee on it. How can I train her not to? Is there any spray on rugs that actually works? Thanks a million!

They can’t go outside because they are small dogs, and there is a heavy hawk population in the area.

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Answer by Rayven ~ Here we Go Again
How can I train her not to? – by training her to GO OUTSIDE. Carpets towels etc ALL feel the same under her paws.

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  1. Skipper ~ 1st In MMA Tourney! on Sun, 3rd Apr 2011 12:58 am

    *PERFECT* example of how Potty Pads DON’T WORK FOR TRAINING A DOG!

    They teach the dog it is OK to INDOORS && ON FLOORS or ANYTHING ON THE FLOOR.

    Start re-teaching her, take her outside, potty train her THE RIGHT WAY.

    ETA: LMAO! My father lives in the country, with a sh*tload of hawks and eagles as well. His dogs (SMALL DOGS) are outside most of the time, and he supervises them when they are inside and he goes outside with them.

  2. Elise on Sun, 3rd Apr 2011 1:15 am

    punish the dog when she go on the rug

  3. Alex Nordhausen on Sun, 3rd Apr 2011 1:37 am

    Basically dogs enjoy peeing or pooping on anything that is comfy or feels like grass. They have some new “potty pads” that attract dogs to them more because they have a grassy material on them and thus the dog is naturally used to going on the grass. If you are able to take him/her outside every morning, afternoon, and evening, this is preferable. Hope this helps 😀

  4. Nano Bitz on Sun, 3rd Apr 2011 2:13 am

    The only way to truly teach her is to catch her in the act tell her no and put her on the potty pad.
    But be aware some dogs can not help going, although that doesn’t sound like the case because thes going on towels and rugs just watch and catch her doing it.

    Sprays don’t work don’t bother spending your money I think they are a money waster.

    Also when you catch her using the potty pad, even though she knows to se it, reward her with a cookie, or treat but only when she goes on the pad and don’t just give her treats for nothing.

    Good Luck!

  5. Mark on Sun, 3rd Apr 2011 2:33 am

    You taught the dog to use the indoors as a bathroom and now you are complaining because the dog can not distinguish between pee pads and carpet. You messed this one up. ALL dogs can go outside. If you are worried about “hawks’ (give me a break) go out with them. This might require you to get up off your ass and actually do some real training with your dog. And if you had done any research whatsoever on housebreaking a dog, you would know pee pads encourage the use of the whole house (and any house you visit with the dog) as a toilet. And to say your dog is housetrained, is the funniest thing I have read tonight. You are lacking a clue when it comes to housebreaking a dog. May I suggest the book, Dogs for Dummies, it is clear and easy to read.

  6. Cecy on Sun, 3rd Apr 2011 2:57 am

    it would be easier for her to go potty outside. I have two dogs and i trained them to go outside to potty. It was real simple. We put them on the grass and they do their bussiness there.

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