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Safe Use of equipment Fitting for a walker: a)Patient stands in the walker, crossbar in front b)Top of the hand grip should be approximately equal to the level of the ulnar styloid when patients arm is relaxed at the side. c)When patient grasps hand grips, upper extremity should be in 20-30 degrees of elbow flexion. Instruct and show the patient on how to use the device on a level surface and then progress to surfaces that require more strength, coordination and balance. Tips on using a walker: •Look straight ahead, not down at your feet. •Clear away small rugs, cords, or anything else that could cause you to trip, slip, or fall. •Be very careful around pets and small children; they can be unpredictable and get in your path when you least expect it. •Be sure the rubber tips on your walking aid are clean and in good condition to help prevent slipping. You can buy replacement tips from medical supply stores and drugstores. Ice tips are also available to use outdoors in winter weather. •Avoid slick conditions, such as wet floors and snowy or icy driveways. In bad weather, be especially careful on curbs and steps. •Always use your strong or uninjured leg to take the first step when you go up stairs or a curb (see instructions for curbs and stairs below). When you go back down, step with your weak or injured leg first. Remember “up with the good, and down with the bad” to help you lead with the correct leg. Ask for help if you feel unsure about going up and, especially, down .

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