Feeling Brave? Change Your Home With a Red Rug!

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Red rugs
by Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)

Feeling Brave? Change Your Home With a Red Rug!

Is anyone feeling brave? Is anyone else ready to throw caution to the wind and make a bold as brass fashion statement without worrying about what anyone might think of them or even what their closest friends and family will make of their crazy, wacky and brave decision? Well come along with me and discover the fashion item that can transform you home as effectively as if you bought a classic work of art or painted your walls bright purple. I’m talking of course about the very latest home furnishing trend that has come right out of Hollywood, I’m talking about the fantastic red rug!

For anyone who watches, or takes an interest in, the latest home fashion designs and trends the rise of the red rug really needs no introduction, it’s a fairly recent change but red rugs have really taken off in an almost exponential manner in recent years and that’s all to do with the range of designs and styles available nowadays and the sudden influx of economical rugs that have been woven, with very high quality, in the emerging markets of China and India. This has forced down prices and so now red rugs are available not only to the rich and famous but to every man and woman in every city in Europe and The States.

When choosing a red rug it’s usually much better to be bold and brave rather than try to go for something more subtle, this is because reds are bright ad bold colours that need to be showed in a bold manner in order to realise their very fullest potential. Also go for a big red, there’s no room for shrinking wallflowers here, give your rug space to breathe and it will look much, much better and that’s guaranteed. The final factor to consider is where you display your red rug, and once again it pays to be bold and to show off your new home addition, it wasn’t designed, created and shipped just to be hidden in a corner. Put it in the middle of the room, that’s where it needs and wants to be.

Going boldly into the future with a red rug might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who dare the results can be astounding. SO why not give it a try, because you and your home certainly deserve a bit of flair don’t you?

Steve is an expert home designer and recent convert to rugs. To find out more take a look at cheap red rugs online and red rug reviews.

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