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Our exceptional quality fur rugs fit everywhere from the modern urban residence to the most traditional country houses. They are soft and warm, modern and unique. www.furhome.gr Fur rugs became famous already in the seventies and now the trend is back. Exceptional quality fur rugs are by themselves a precious element of home design. Various types of fur rugs come from fox, wolf, beaver, mink and other kinds of furs. These are but a small group of our products. Every fur rug in our exclusive collection comes in various sizes and colors, and is customizable in its standard features. If you need a rug that does not match the characteristics of the ones listed, we can make it custom for you. Fur rugs are unique, standing out for the highly complex and specific techniques used to make the rugs, the care taken over detail, the combinations used and as a final product covering all options, adding value to any type of environment and furnishing, whether classic or modern. Fur Home™ Εικονίδιο ειδοποίησης
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Fabiana Troxler, a home care liaison for Liberty, is interviewed about the importance of home safety for an elderly loved one and children. She discusses the importance of keeping stairs and walkways well-lit, ensuring that small rugs have non-slip backings, and keeping stairs safe for children. Home safety is critical for an elderly loved one and children in order to prevent injury. Home Safety Month is a great time to examine your home or a loved one’s home to make sure that it is safe. For more information about fall prevention in the home, please visit www.homecare-help.com .
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