Getting wrinkles out of area rugs?

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Question by fultini: Getting wrinkles out of area rugs?
I have several large area rugs (not wool) and they have large wrinkles and creases that I need to get out, I just dont want to wait till they are “walked” out, anyone know how too, I have misted them a bit w/ water but some are still there.

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Answer by bugaboo
Are this area rugs on hardwood or carpet flooring-
that’s one the the issues right there if not on hardwood- causes buckling/creasing–

We used a normal iron on low setting. its backbreaking but it works. Remember to adjust it as if you were ironing babyclothes or satin/silk material and use a wet towel under the iron so you don’t burn the material

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  1. harini S on Sun, 8th Dec 2013 10:15 am

    have you tried steaming them?

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