Hand Knotted Rug, better home investment

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Black rug
by Stuck in Customs

Hand Knotted Rug, better home investment Knot is a strand of wool which is wrapped round two adjacent warp threads to tie them together. This knot is reducing to form the pile of the carpet, which makes a carpet both flat woven or pile. Flat weave takes less time than a pile carpet and subsequently are much less expensive. Kilims are a popular type of flat woven oriental rugs.

Black rug are popular because in these types of carpets every single weave is knotted and tied as compared to factory made carpets. They are more durable and long lasting and not to mention more beautiful and delicate. These carpets do not fade or deteriorate with time; instead they improve in texture and quality. Moreover, hand-knotted oriental rugs are easier to wash and take care of. As a final note, hand-knotted Persian and Turkish carpets might be more expensive than factory made rugs, but since they last longer they prove to be a better investment.

With the right care and maintenance, hand knotted rug can last for decades. It is important to understand that rugs are very different from traditional wall to wall carpeting and have many advantages over it. Because of their unique design, they are largely resistant to stains and they look like new even if they have been used for years due to the special dyes used in the fabric. These dyes prevent their color from fading easily, but you should remember that direct sunlight, especially if it is intense, can damage any kind of rug. Both natura1ly dyed and synthetic dyed rugs are prone to damage from exposure to sunlight. So you need to ensure that your area rug is not exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

what do you see? a black carpet right? then why is it barking? this is my black dog on a black rug and you can’t see her i love it! i have her a treat after this.

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