Hand Made Carpets (Area Rugs) from Turkey?

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Question by : Hand Made Carpets (Area Rugs) from Turkey?
I collect HAND MADE wool, silk, and cotton Carpets / Area Rugs from Iran (Persian Rugs like Qum silk prayer rugs that I display as a wall tapistry, plus floor rugs like Tabriz & Kermanshah), Pakistan (Bukkhara)…so my question is what are the classical Turkish HAND MADE CARPETS callled (please no cheap Belgium machine made crap) and I’ve heards that they are sold at Instanbul’s Old Bazzar (if I’m saying it right, and provide info on how to bargain with vendor)…please give description by NAME (generally carpets know by city/village), PATTERN (ex geometric, medallion in center), and COLORS if possible, thanks
p.s. in the event I’m most likely to get Trolled at, YES I did say Persian Qum silk PRAYER rug, but NO I don’t pray on it I’m not Muslim, it’s just a breathtaking piece of art
@ Ipek…thanks for the info…I’ve also heard to be careful of some vendors, I was told by another collector that he had found out one Turkish vendor would place NEW carpets on a gravel road and made horse driven carriages to go over them to make them look ANTIQUE and sell to tourists…CLEVER!!! This is why I ask about pricing, do they start crazy high because they expect you to bargain or are prices fixed??
@ Ipek…I love the Kilims Caucasian geometric collection!!! because I have seen it before but do not own one, maybe I can pick one up when I visit Turkey…a trip in the planning…thanks
@ Sou…thanks for the valuable info regarding different regions, particularly silk which as you mentioned are more diffiuclt to find…as for Turkish Friends to show me around, I’d say I’ve gone none yet, BUT I’m working on that as well, thanks again

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Answer by Ipek K
There are at least 100- if not more- models, thousands of designs and styles of rugs, tapestries and carpets. The prices and quality changes according to knot quantity, wool, silk and dye quality and rareness. Usually not two are alike – I know, because I had to have two made since I couldn’t find a pair.

As a collector, you probably know all these.

Coming to your request, you will have to do some reading since it is a very wide subject. Here are some leads for you:



Hope it helps.

EDIT : That is why you should never buy carpets from just any vendor; always pick a reputable one and take someone with you who is an expert- especially if you are after a collectible antique piece.

There is always a marge for bargaining and there is a down limit where the vendor will not go down a Lira. The ability is to estimate it and in order to do that.. again, you would need an expert.

If you go to Kapalicarsi (Grand Bazaar) or carpet places like the one in my first link, it is quite impossible for them to try to fool you since they have a reputation to keep.

I would suggest you to check amazon.com for books for Turkish Tapestry. They have very good and informative ones.

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2 Comments on Hand Made Carpets (Area Rugs) from Turkey?

  1. Mongolian-Turkish god ALTAN !!!! on Thu, 30th May 2013 9:04 pm

    in Turkiye, we are full of flying carpets, because Aladin and its brave camels lived in Turkiye iye iye

  2. Sou on Thu, 30th May 2013 9:32 pm

    Silk is not common in turkey but cotton and wool. Even our grannies were knitting carpets at home ( mine still knitting sometimes ). But most of em are factory-made carpets. Though i still know some places for buying some cheap and hand made carpets. I will first give the names of the cities and areas. Well known one is Isparta – Denizli region. Isparta is already famous with hand made carpets and also Denizli has villages like Buldan still keeping on business with hand made clothing and carpet. its including inner parts of Mugla and Denizli-Burdur-Isparta.

    Kapalicarsi is the last place for buying carpet or any other souvenir item. Im sure you also visited Far East. In india wooden souvenirs are not more than 5 bucks though you have to pay more than 50 in turkey. Its the same in Kapalicarsi. They buy carpets for funny prices and sell out maybe 10 times more expensive.

    Also , yes, Cappadocia region is famous for carpets but same rule, VISIT VÄ°LLAGES WITH A TURKISH FRIEND ( Not with tour guides nor yourself), coz its our bad , not all behave to tourists ( over pricing ) well.

    Third region is around Maras – Antep – Iskenderun – Hatay
    ( south ). You can find many local workshop there for good and cheap.

    And last one is as we all know Bursa and might be the primary place for silk carpets. Though they are producing less than ever. But still might find out some workshops and villagers.

    As a summerize, first find a good and reliable friend from those regions, do not buy from touristic stores in case you dont like to be scammed.

    I cant say much about patterns but i know they even knit names and portraits on carpets. Its the technical part i dont want to mislead you…

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