Hardwood is only stained around the edge, do I need to sand?

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by Ken Lund

Question by Jennygrl: Hardwood is only stained around the edge, do I need to sand?
Due to allergy issues, we had to pull up carpets in our 80 year old house. Like many older houses, the hardwood is only stained around the perimeter, the center is bare (where an area rug would be) We need to avoid large area rugs, and the bare area is fairly large. We like the rustic look, and don’t really want to sand. There are some varnish marks on the stained areas that will need to be cleaned. We also have an infant that crawls- parts of the floor are sort of rough. We have a limited budget, so can’t call in the professionals.

Now what?

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Answer by CHARLES
lightly sand the entir floor, make sure no splinters, tap off door ways not to sprwead dust, and by all means don’t mop with water!! then after sanding and cleaning, see if you like color.

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  1. colesboxer on Mon, 7th Jan 2013 10:13 am

    Try some over the counter cleaner’s for hard wood floors to see if they remove the stains (home depot or lowes). If the cleaners dont work they only real option would be to re-do the hardwoods by stripping, sanding and re-staining (finishing) the floors. Once you start sanding you’re gonna have to sand the entire floor to get a uniform finish.

  2. lizreganl on Mon, 7th Jan 2013 10:17 am

    The only way to have really nice hardwood floors is to sand and stain as well as a polyurethane coat to protect the floors. If you do not do this the wood will become dry and brittle and could even splinter.

  3. Just me on Mon, 7th Jan 2013 10:19 am

    If only to make the floor safe for your baby, I’d sand the floor. Aside from the safety issues, the floor may not take a new coat of finish without a light sanding (screening). I think you can rent a floor sander at a Home Depot or Lowe’s-type store – and it’s not really hard. Just remember to keep the sander moving, and if you’re not comfortable with it, run it at a low speed. Sweep well, and the floor should be fresh and ready for a coat of finish. You don’t have to stain the floor a different color, if you like the natural look, but if you put a coat of urethane on it, it will wear better and stay looking good.

    If the floor is 80 years old, you may have some issues with warping or creaking. Consider it “rustic” for as long as you can, and consider replacing it with laminate when your budget allows – laminate can look like real wood, but is easier to maintain and is less expensive to install.

  4. wanderer on Mon, 7th Jan 2013 10:40 am

    The stains don’t really come out, you can make them lighter, but they will be there…you’ll know, but most of your guests won’t. Rent the roll sander from your local warehouse building supply company. You will need to put a clear coat on it to seal the floor..especially with the infant..I used clear. Do not use water based use the oil base, I used the water and I am very sad I did, but I am not going to sand it again!

  5. Woodworkingmenace on Mon, 7th Jan 2013 11:25 am

    Get yourself an orbital sander and some 150 grade sand paper, and go around the edges of the room. (Make sure you get one that you can hook a wet&dry vac up to).

    This way, not too much dust, and you can “smooth down” the rough edges and it leaves a smooth surface.

    Now, for allergies…..

    Make sure you put your pillows in the dryer for a 30 minute period once a week, (Put it on high heat).

    If you have any “pop corn ceiling”, get rid of it, its bad for dust and allergens.

    Have an exhaust fan in the bathroom, so that you vent out all the dampness, so that you dont get mold growing.

    Get rid of ALL boxes!!! (Roach germs and stuff from them, are all over the boxes, so you have to get them out of the house! All card board boxes…

    Wash all beddings once every two weeks. Pillows, heated up once a week.

    An electronic air cleaner is a “must” for those with allergies, it takes 99 percent of allergens out of the air, if cleaned once a month. (I like to clean mine every two weeks in the dishwasher).

    If you can, get a “whole house” vacumn system. (about 500 bucks to retrofit a house for that ..PCV pipe being put in the walls).
    This allows you to vacumn and the exhaust, goes Out-Side the house, instead of being recirculated into the air…

    If you cant, get a vacumn cleaner with a “hepa filter”. (best filter on the market that doesnt put “too much” dust back in the air again).

    GET RID OF ANY INSIDE BIRD!!! Worst thing for anyone with Allergies or Asthma!!! (I had to get rid of my bird, and I quit coughing with in a day or two!!).

    You know about carpets…a defiinite no-no to allergie sufferers. Linoleum floors are better, or wood that has been sealed with pollyeurathane or paint.

    Yes, I know, I have asthma, and my family has allergies, so we consulted an expert, who give my son shots for allergies, and even teaches about it!

    I wish you well..


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