How do I clean a Persian rug?

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Question by The Gadfly: How do I clean a Persian rug?

I have a rug imported from Iran. It is made of wool on a silk backing. My cat was sick on it and some of the color ran—vermilion into cream color. It is getting a bit dingy and I would like to get it cleaned. Is there any way to get the pinkinsh stain out of the cream part. It is a beautiful rug.

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Answer by connor g
If the color ran, your rug was probably made with vegetable dyes rather than chemical dyes. Don’t try to clean it yourself, you will make it worse! Take it to a cleaner specializing in oriental rugs and talk to the owner, not the counter clerk. It may be dicey, so ensure you use a professional company.

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  1. bdat40oz on Sun, 23rd Oct 2011 1:08 am

    Wow you bought a rug from Iran. Sweet!!! Your cat was sick HMMMMMMM….

  2. linoskoczek on Sun, 23rd Oct 2011 2:01 am

    patch your cat pelt on it.Is your cat persian or siamese ?

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