How do i decorate my apartment with blue rugs?

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Question by aidarae: How do i decorate my apartment with blue rugs?

I have a really nice, 2 bedrm apt w/living room and full dining room. It’s great but it has wall to wall medium to dark blue carpets. I painted the dining room light blue and it looks really good but I dont know what to do with the rest cause i’m really not a fan of blue. I am trying to avoid paint because i haven’t OKed it with my landlord but i figured one light blue room wouldn’t be hard to cover up. I love all kinds of styles but classy with a touch of hippie is usually my style. Any ideas or colors to work with would be great and p.s. i’m working on a tight budget!!

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Answer by chicago
well maybe u should have one of your rooms white and gray these two colors seem to go with any thing but u could choose any colors maybe u should take a picture of the rooms in your house and use photo shop to decorate the room and you can see what colors may go but a good place to shop is ikea they have lots of things you can use to have colorful homes that would match any budget but some of the stuff you would have to assemble yourself or they could for a reasonable price

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  1. The Not-Know It All on Wed, 29th Sep 2010 7:10 am

    Brown and tans works well with Blue. You can also do green but it’s not as great.

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