How do I paint a large area rug without using fabric paint for upholstery?

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Question by Lynds: How do I paint a large area rug without using fabric paint for upholstery?
I have searched all over the internet and Pinterest for DIY directions on how to paint my LOW PILE area rug and all I can find are directions on how to paint NO PILE ikea rugs or how to paint accents on low pile rugs. I have 5 x 7 cheap persian looking rug that was a hand-me-down and I want to paint the entire thing white and navy blue. I’ve heard that if you mix 1:1 latex paint with a fabric medium that it will keep the fabric from becoming too hard but that was directions on painting a couch.. i’m doing a massive cover up.. damn I wish I could post a pic of what I’m working with here.. it’s basically navy, maroon and brown.. yuck i know! HELP!
the fabric is 100% polypropylene, if that helps..

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Answer by c_kayak_fun
Those cheap fake orientals are made polyester or acrylic. Bottom line is they don’t absorb color pigments since the fibers are spun plastic. They can also melt in the presence of certain solvents. There is no way you can paint or tint them without them looking hideoous. I feel your pain with how they look (you have only to browse the Craigslist “home goods for sale” to see that lots of people get stuck with these ghastly rugs. But many people like them. I sold two (clean but fugly) that I had for $ 30 each on CL and then took the money and bought a rug that I liked. Better to get a few bucks for it than to just ruin it (and waste the paint) by spending money and time for nothing.

Depending on where you live, you can get cheap decent looking area rugs at IKEA, Gabriel Brothers or Ross Dress for Less stores.

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  1. Karen L on Wed, 4th Sep 2013 4:02 am

    I think you’d be wasting your time. I think you aren’t finding instructions for this because it isn’t possible. Probably cheaper to buy another rug, and in any case how are you going to cover navy, maroon, and brown with white unless whatever you cover with is completely opaque and thick enough to cover them completely? You cannot dye white onto those colours. If you did, you might get bleached looking navy, maroon, and brown, but you sure won’t get white. If you wanted to cover those colours on a wall using paint, you would need at least two coats.

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