How do I stop my dogs from peeing in the house?

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Question by Bonzai6: How do I stop my dogs from peeing in the house?
I have two chihuahuas and they are 5 years old. We have had them since they were puppies. We always let them outside and they will spend plenty of time out but they still pee in the house. We keep them in the kitchen with tile floors and we have cleaned these countless times. In the winter we will put a small rug by the door and they keep peeing on that too (even when we buy brand new ones). We have tried pee pads and it works sometimes but other times there’s so much that the pads don’t work. We don’t know what else to do, sometimes they are inside for a half hour before peeing on the floor again. They are both neutered. Is there anything we can?

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Answer by Squawk
When you find your dogs peeing where they are not supposed to tell them “No” sternly and then move them to where they should be urinating. This may take a while to work in an older dog, but it is a good way to train them.

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