How do you remove pet stains from wool rugs? ?

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Wool rugs
by Mr Thinktank

Question by mailwaiter: How do you remove pet stains from wool rugs? ?I have tried all the pet store guaranteed pet stain and odors removal supplies. But the stains are still there. Any suggestion ?

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Answer by BeagleMommy
The only thing I can suggest is to hire a professional carpet cleaner. I tried everything, too. the ONLY thing that worked was hiring some carpet cleaners to come in and steam vac my carpets. It really was not that expensive, either – less than $ 100.

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  1. gsdluvrr on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 12:27 pm

    Sorry but I know nothing about wool rugs! I would try asking your question in the cleaning and laundry section under home & garden. Good luck!

  2. T on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 1:12 pm

    Try renting out the Rug Doctor machine because that machine really works. I think most Safeway’s rent them out.

  3. Gabby C on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 1:46 pm

    Here’s how you do it.
    1. Put the carpet in a bucket (a big one big enough to be able to swirl around and stuff)
    2. Put baking soda in the water before you put the carpet in.
    3. Stir the baking soda oh yea put 1 cup of the baking soda
    4. Put the carpet and mix carpet and wait 1 full day. (when you mix it perferbly if you use your feet and kinda step on it and stuff with your feet.)
    And thats all you need to do. 🙂 Trust me itll work my dog pee,ed on my wool rug and yeah i did that and it worked!!

  4. DennistheMenace on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 2:21 pm

    Have you tried anything w/ that OXY stuff in it?
    I found some at the dollar store, for carpets/stains, soaked the stain [poop an piss]
    scrubbed w/ a stiff brush, blotted, dried over night, and no stain in the morning……no discoloration, this was new carpet, BUT not wool……..worth a try for a buck-fifty……………..

  5. heap.tony on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 2:53 pm

    If i may suggesst the Carpet and Upholstery Stain Remover Wipes or the Spot and Stain Remover spray

    You will need to agitate the state using a blotting motion with the wipes. Alternatively using the spot and stain remover spray, apply a fine mist directly to the spot and agitate gently using a cleaning cloth or sponge. Thes two are safe around pets.

    If its a dyed wool test it in a space where its not visible first for the colour fastness. Feel free to contact if you have a query


  6. Scott Tips on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 3:03 pm

    Have you tried white vinegar? It’s works really well on getting the smell and stain out. It’s a top rated tip at the Scott Common Sense Community

    Fill any size spray bottle with white vinegar, then use on pet urine stains on furniture, carpet, clothes, bedding, etc. to remove smells and stains. The odor of vinegar also acts as a deterrent against repeat “accidents” in the same place. Animals can’t stand the smell of it!

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