How is your living room decorated?

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Question by Hourglass: How is your living room decorated?
Im so tired of my white,cold leather couches. I have a red oriental rug. Im just looking for some ideas. How is your lr set up? Thanks

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Answer by Blan
I decorated my bedroom recently and took some ideas from this site , I hope you serve

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  1. fezaan on Tue, 21st May 2013 5:56 am

    My living room is a open plan. I hav brown leather sofas. My chimneys are painted green. Not the realy light green. And rest of the house is ivry. I have green and chocolates curtains aswell as chocolate rug. I hav chosen brown sofas as lot of coloures can go wiv cream. My bedroom is cream and brown. Mature colour.

  2. Lizzy on Tue, 21st May 2013 6:03 am


    We had Distressed leather sofas in our living room for a very long time. Then, we decided to change the whole look of the living room and we brought a velvet sofa. You can go for a Purple and Red theme if you have a Red oriental rug. Here are some ideas you can use.

    1. Pick a purple couch

    Pick a Velvet or Polyester purple couch as per the climatic conditions of your area and home. Check out this one if you want a chic sofa. Go for a sofa that’s similar to this one if you want a simpler look for the living room You can compare some luxurious and some affordable purple couches here and on eBay.

    2. Use wall decals and other items to make the Purple and Red theme more impressive

    It is alright if you have White and Beige walls. You can use Red and Purple wall decals to decorate the walls. You can go for a cheap Purple and Red wallpaper if your walls need a makeover. Use Red and Purple artificial flowers and a vase to decorate the living room table. Make sure you create a balanced theme where Red and Purple colors are used equally.

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