how to control the shedding from wool rugs?

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Wool rugs
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Question by xarnold: how to control the shedding from wool rugs?saw this question and the answers to it recently-am hoping someone else can offer more “hope”–have 6 wool rugs,all are over 4 years old and all still shedding like the proverbial dog in summer-am ready to throw them out-do not have the heart to “donate” them to some unsuspecting soul thru a local charity even tho they are beautiful and nice to walk on barefoot–it is impossible to keep the floors from being covered w/ dust and the rugs from looking like pilled sweaters all the time–


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Answer by saaanen
They were poor quality when new. They will just keep shedding until they’re bald.

I’d donate them. Someone will buy them.

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