if i am arranging furniture diagonally in a large room, do i lay the area rug on a diagonal too?

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Question by tara_robertson2001: if i am arranging furniture diagonally in a large room, do i lay the area rug on a diagonal too?The room is 24×24 ft and i need to accomodate a home office, dining area, large sofa chairs and tv and a children’s play area, which is why i’m going diagonal for more space. But I have 3 area rugs to arrange and am unsure whether to keep them in line with the walls or the furniture or what the rules are!!

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Answer by jimmy d.
I would arrange them diagonally with the furniture to better define the areas.

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  1. Allergic To Eggs on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 12:40 am

    The rule is it has to look good and balanced and not crazy. I’ve had area rugs that did *not* follow any lines of furniture or room architecture and the overall result actually looked cool, attractive, offbeat. Experiment. Sometimes offbeat works better than you can imagine in your head

  2. The ReDesign Diva on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 1:30 am

    There aren’t really any fixed rules to placing your throw rugs. There are however, a couple of things that you should consider:

    1. Try to keep your area rugs from overlapping one another. Not only will this give you uneven surfaces to trip on, but it will make your furniture uneven.
    2. When placing furniture on area rugs, it’s a good idea to make certain that all the legs of the furniture are either on the rug or off of it.
    3. When you place your area rug on the diagonal, does the rug fit properly inside the space? Fit the rug so the corners don’t run up the side of the wall.
    4. If your area rugs are small, it would probrably be best to have them follow the furniture lines as opposed to the walls.
    5. To place a room-sized rug in the room, it is best to leave 8 inches of floor showing around the rug.
    6. For cozy nooks in large rooms, create small sitting areas around 4×6 or 5×8 area rugs.
    7. For a dining room, add 4 feet to the width and the length of your tabletop to find the minimum size of your rug. The extra rug helps make sliding your chairs out easier.
    8. Keep the corners of your rugs from extending into high traffic areas.
    9. Consider using a rug pad underneath all of your rugs. Not only will this keep your rug in place, but will extend the life of your rug. Rugs wear out from the bottom, not the top, since the wear and tear comes from the friction at the bottom.
    10. Lighter rugs will increase the perceived size of the room.
    11. Darker rugs will create a warmer, intimate area.

    Area rugs make a statement. Ask yourself what statement you want to make and take it from there. Rugs are a functional part of any room. They have many tasks. Protecting or hiding flaws in the existing floor, warming up the floor, creating a look and building a decorative foundation.

    Enjoy your lovely new large room!

  3. Kayty on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 2:12 am

    Usually you align the rug with the furniture, or with the couch if the furniture isn’t all on the same angle.

    But I think it’s interesting and more inviting and informal to have the rug at a slight angle, maybe 15 or 20 degrees, to the couch. Open angles invite people in.

    I would have each furniture group at the same angle to ther walls of the room, or it’s going to look confusing.

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