Introductory Seminar Part 3: Content and Context

December 17, 2010 by
Filed under: Black Rug This section of the Esoteric Teaching Introductory Seminar describes how the Vedic literature is the actual context of yoga, meditation, tantra, etc. Western versions of these teachings that try to remove them from their original context inevitably distort them, making them useless for their original intended purposes. Remember we said that yoga and tantra and other aspects of Eastern spiritual life are completely misunderstood in the West. Why is that? Well, one important reason is that we’re taking yoga and other eastern spiritual practices like meditation completely out of their natural context. What context is that? The Vedas. The Vedas are the Sanskrit literatures of India, and they were recorded, written down about five thousand years ago by Vyäsadeva. However their existence is eternal, and they were passed down by word of mouth from the Supreme Lord Himself to Brahma, the first created being in this universe, and to his disciples and on down to the present day. This is the origin of the Esoteric Teaching, and it is meant to be understood in the context of the Vedas. The Esoteric Teaching, in other words, does not stand alone but it requires Vedic knowledge and Vedic culture in order to make sense. Otherwise if we take it out of context we will certainly distort its meaning, and we will also have to change the practices to fit a different culture, and this is going to change the result. I think its clear to everyone that if we change the .


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