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Large rugs
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Know the Fibres Large Rugs are made up of The Wool Fibre is a spun fibre which shrinks a little initially, eventually to offer the finest of depths in colour. This is one of the most popular and preferred choices of retailers selling Large Rugs in UK.

The Polypropylene Fibre is another one. It is the most widely used fibre in machine made carpets. Segregated into Bulk Continuous Filament Propylene and Heat Set Propylene, the fibre has a harsher feel to it than its heat set counterpart. It is stain resistant and pretty stout to the harshest of bleaches.                    

The Acrylic Fibre is usually the main material behind hand tufted Chinese Carpets. Resistant to stain, soft in touching, available in many vibrant colours, this Large Rug is a treat to have spread out on the floor of the house. The Viscose Fibre is meant to make rugs with a silky sheen. Used predominantly in Indian and Chinese Carpets, the fibre features many modern designs.       

Lots of in UK stores come woven by hand. They are either hand knotted, or hand tufted. Quicker to produce and available in lower costs, they often feature a lot of complex designs. The Sheepskin Large Rugs in UK come in exciting combinations, made up of 1 sheepskin to XX Large 10 Sheepskins all sewn together concurrently.

Some of the Large in UK made from these fibres include the Abril Extra carpets, the Afgan Traditional Pieces, The Aspen Shaggy spread outs, Diamonds Extras, Infinite Large Ranges, Murat Extra Large pieces, the Noble Art extra large ones, Nordic, Patina Biggies, Rhapsody, Royal Opera, Samira Extra Large, Santa Cruz, Serabad Extra Large, Sincerity, Super Shaggy, Tabriz Antique, Tabriz Bessarab, Tabriz Mossoul, Twilight, Woodstock, Ziegler Extra Large Ones etc.

These in UK sold in stores are identified by their unique designs which include Elite, Needlecraft, Digiworld, Aurum, Chillout, Diva, Dunya, Glamour, Karneval, Kasmir, Lambada, Havanna, Lapis, Fara, Sepia, Tabris, Mossoul, Harlequin, Eden, Matrix, Aura, Laya, Bellagio, Caress, Sisal, Viscount, Royal Kashqai, Mandalay, Tashkent, Opulence, Tones, Arabella etc.

If you have a spacious house and with a large empty room, you can brighten it up with these carpets. They come in colours one wants them in, are woven and stitched the way one likes them, presented the way one adores them and packed in a manner one revels in them. The designs on them are beautiful, striking and highly accentuated with bright colours. The carpets have character. They exude style, suit any ambience and the vibrancy they accrue to a room serves as a visual treat.        

Spread them out and set your feet on them, the warmth will melt you. The comfort offered is unparalleled. So soft and smooth are they, any living soul with a sense of touch will feel immediate lethargy and would want to doze off then and there.

The softness in them ought to be attributed to the fibres from which they get made. With some crafty work through hands and machines, these rugs make the very thought of putting your feet down on the floor a very soothing one.

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