Large Rugs Oversized Palace Hand Knotted Oriental Area Carpets

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Large rugs
by law_keven

Large Rugs Oversized Palace Hand Knotted Oriental Area CarpetsLarge Rugs Oversized Palace Hand Knotted Oriental Area Carpets

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Home Page > Shopping > Large Rugs Oversized Palace Hand Knotted Oriental Area Carpets

Large Rugs Oversized Palace Hand Knotted Oriental Area Carpets

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Posted: Dec 01, 2010 |

Large area rugs Oversize palace carpets are among the most prestigious addition to any home. Some of the finest most recognizable carpets in history are those of which are significantly larger than the average 5×8, 69 or 8×10 sized area rug.  Take for example some very old surviving Safavid carpets from the 16th and 17th centuries.  Carpets such as the Ardabil carpets, Coronation carpet, as well as the Safra Carpet are all tremendous in dimensions.  All of these carpets fall into the category of large oversized Palace rugs, not only for their intended location of use, but also the more unusual lengths and widths – exceeding 10′ in width, and greater than 22′ in length.

Generally a large and oversized rug or carpet would be considered such if its measurements are in excess of 220 square feet.  However, other contignencies also play into effect as well.  Most carpet production is confined to less than 12′ wide due to the standard width of any typical large loom.  In order for a large oversized area rug to be made, a special loom may sometimes be constructed to accomodate the exceedingly large measurements.  However, even a 10′ wide carpet may be qualified as an oversized rug provided it’s length is also unusually long – generally in excess of 22′.

It’s unusual to find an oversized carpet from from a village or tribal weaving area, such as an antique Shiraz carpet, or Yezd.  Although very large rugs are hard to find, an Indian palace rug is very unusual in a 19′ width and 43′ length.  Silk Tabriz rugs are among the finer old antique rugs which sometimes may be found in large rug sizes.  Large Kerman Rugs Tabriz carpets and Persian Sarouk are among the more desirable large rugs.


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About the Author:
Dilmaghani Fine Oriental Rugs for over 75 years.  Specializing in Kerman, Sarouk, Tabriz, Persian rugs, Oversize, Palace and Large rugs including rare, unusual and unique sizes.

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Have you ever heard of an area carpet made in France by a company called, “Whitney?” It is made from Terclon. What is Terclon anyway?

Can a child get ringworm from playing around in an enclosed area that puppies are living in which has indoor/outdoor carpet on it?

My bulldog has a large boil in the ballsack area and it has came and gone before could this be cancer and if we get him fixed will that help

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Dilmaghani Fine Oriental Rugs for over 75 years.  Specializing in Kerman, Sarouk, Tabriz, Persian rugs, Oversize, Palace and Large rugs including rare, unusual and unique sizes.Flying Carpets Warehouse OutletFor Discount Oriental rugs and area rugs bargains on sale.


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