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I got my new little scooter today. Now I will feel safer when my legs are real weak from the polio and cancer. Also when my back gives out. I will use it inside more than outside. In the summer I might go out and ride down the sidewalk. I have never been down the sidewalk because when I walk with my two crutches my hips ache if I try to go too far. So this scooter will give me some more freedom. I had to take up my throw rugs. I can’t manuver the scooter. The wheels catch on them. I have gotten rid of my dining set also. I never used it and I couldn’t get up from the chairs. I don’t need any. I have one stool and if I want I can sit at the counter. I eat in my living room all the time or at the kitchen counter. It’s a small scooter that turns sharp. I picked this instead of a four wheeled or a power chair.

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This clip demonstrates how to repair small and medium sized holes in horse rugs and save yourself loads of money by doing a good quality repair yourself. A second clip shows how to make repairs on more serious and larger holes.


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