Oriental Rugs: Genuine Or Not? How To Rate Its Value

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Oriental Rugs: Genuine Or Not? How To Rate Its Value

Oriental rugs are very nifty if you have a grime or a scratch you want to conceal on your floorboards. Or to replace the area rug your pet gnawed last month. Nah, just kidding. These kinds of rugs are too wonderful and too priceless enough to use as a carpeting to conceal what stuffs and effects you did unto your floorboards that made it hideous and blemished. Rugs coming from Asia-the “orient” so the name, specifically (in alphabetical order) the Anatolian rugs, Arabian rugs, Caucasian rugs, Central Asian rugs, Chinese rugs, Indian rugs, Kurdish rugs, Persian rugs and Turkmenistan Rugs are all called oriental rugs. They have been used by Arabian Kings and have been transported to Europe for the use of nobility and kings since the longest time. The Persian rugs especially are thought as the oldest carpets weaving tradition in the earth, dating back to 500 B.C.

The significance of an oriental rug can be appraised with its history, the region in Asia in which it had come from, its method of weaving and its fabric. A genuine oriental rug can be identified with its weaving method, usually hand-woven in an intertwined pile or woven pile that’s unique in the Central and West Asian area. It’s a laborious and lengthy procedure, so, a typical good quality Persian rug for example takes several months or even years of weaving and detailing in order to complete.

If you want to know how to appraise a high quality oriental rug, let’s start with the design. If it is any plain rug, but you are certain is hand woven, although plain can be classified as genuine. If on the other hand, it has detailing, look closely whether the whole background is filled with minute intricacies, such as small curvilinear patterns. Some patterns are representational, some patterns are just plain abstract. If the backdrop is practically covered with detail, then give it 10 points (the highest). If the design is simple, hand-embossed or impressed, give it 1 or 2 points (the lowest).

In terms of material, if it is done from silk pile or silk warp, give it a 10, or anything that has silk engravement can be thought as high quality. It it’s finished from fine wool, cotton warp or regular wool then give it an appreciative 7 to 4 points. The poorest quality is those rugs made from jute warp. Although some decorators fancy jute rugs because of its consistency, obviously more for its aesthetic value.

These days however, there are synthetic and machine-produced carpet and area rugs accessible for those who are not willing to pay a considerable amount in order to wait for a number of months to have their own oriental rugs. An oriental rug is mainly selected for its intricacies and design that are absolute for making an interior appear adorable and wonderful. If the artistic value is not meaningful for you, it is advisable that you order an oriental rug that’s as quaint as the authentic one, on the other hand, produce of a mass-production from a textile company someplace in the United States.

In these modern days, home decoration is no longer restricted to interior designs, it has gone outside like having to display fashionable designs of oriental rugs that can really add beauty to your home. Or just click here for more information.

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