Owners of “fine” rugs a question for you?

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Question by 845 Clean: Owners of “fine” rugs a question for you?
I have a rug cleaning plant in the outer suburbs of NYC. I have a policy on rugs that my liability is the cost of cleaning and 10% of the estimated value of the rug in the odd case something happens like color bleed.
I have been dealing with oriental rugs my whole life. I know the difference between a $ 750 (when new) Chinese woven rug and a $ 15,000 Tabriz from pre-Islamic revolution Iran. I have some used rugs for sale, most worth $ 1,500-3,000. This is what I routinely deal with.
If your rug is of high value, I need 10% of its value as part of the cleaning cost in order to insure it against loss 100%. So if you bring me a collector’s quality rug worth $ 15,000 it is going to be well over $ 1,500 to clean it if you want to insure it. Most people get that gladly pay. I have cleaned antique rugs appraised at $ 8,000-10,000 from well known appraisers (not me) in this case.

Sometimes someone will come in with a $ 250 Indian tufted rug from QVC and tell me it is a “hand made Persian” and I explain to them why it is not. That can be fun.
Today I had a man try to drop off a machine woven synthetic rug, a larger 10×13, who read the contract. I was generous and appraised the rug at $ 500, meaning it was worth $ 50 if my shop burned down or it was stolen. There is no way it can experience color bleed or other damage. Plus the $ 130 cleaning cost would be refunded.
The guy flipped out. I should be responsible for 100% of the value, and not charge for that.

Does it make sense to you if you own a valuable rug that it is going to cost more to clean than a $ 150 rug from Home Depot, even if they are the same size?

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Answer by tarielle_au
Well yes, it makes perfect sense to me to pay more to clean a valuable rug. I don’t see how anyone can misunderstand that.

If I brought my rug to you and you had a fire and I lost it then I would absolutely want you to be insured for that.

I would also be very assured that someone like you knows what they are doing, explains what the charges are and why. I don’t think I would ever take my rug to someone else.

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