Q&A: How do I get the smell of dog urine out of my rug?

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Large area rugs
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Question by Jessie: How do I get the smell of dog urine out of my rug?
I have a very large area rug that my neighbor’s dog peed on and I can not get the smell out. I would like to try something homemade that won’t ruin my hardwood floors underneath. Both of my couches, a chair and a very large book shelf all sit on the rug so I want to try to clean it before I just throw it out and get a new one, but so far everything I’ve gotten from the store has failed to get the smell out, and I can’t use my carpet cleaner because it will ruin my hardwood floor. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Shortstuff13
A popular cleaner, is SCOE10X. It removes many kinds of animal urine odors, including dog urine. You can buy it online & you may be able to buy it at a pet store. Follow the directions as stated & you’ll be pleased with the outcome. If you don’t have a pad under the carpeting, the floor may already be ruined. My advice to you, is NOT to allow the neighbor’s dog enter your home, in the future. You may want to consider taking the rug outside & spray it with the SCOE10X. Drape the rug over something that’s clean, then spray it. Do it on a warm & breezy day & let it dry as long as possible.


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  1. robert C on Mon, 16th Sep 2013 12:58 am

    use white vinegar and water 50%, spray on and leave for a few minutes then dab with a damp cloth

  2. onebear469 on Mon, 16th Sep 2013 1:29 am

    take it outside and how it down, make a solution of laundry detergent and scrub it in, I wound a wonderful wool are rug with cat pee on it and washed it outside, you might need vinegar and odor ban on i9t as well but the important thing its to get it outside and flood it

  3. Cynthia on Mon, 16th Sep 2013 1:45 am

    Nature’s Miracle (available in pet stores) is GREAT. Whatever cleaner you use, you should remove the rug from the hardwoods while you’re cleaning it, and not put it back until it’s dry. Exposing hardwoods to any kind of moisture (whether it’s just water or a solvent) for an extended period of time will damage them.

  4. upwardly_mobile_home on Mon, 16th Sep 2013 1:49 am

    Take it to a cleaning plant to have it soaked, professionally cleaned and deodorized.

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