Q&A: How do you dye an area rug?

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Question by Patty O’Furniture: How do you dye an area rug?
My wife and I have a 5′ X 7′ area rug which we want to dye brown. It’s a deep pile wool rug and the fibers are dense. How does one go about this? We would have it done professionally but there are no skilled people where we live. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by anotheropinion
you’ll need a dye formulated for protien fibers, a fixative, woolite soap and a very big trough to run it through. depending on how its been dyed alady it might be cheaper to buy a new rug. Most spinning and weaving shops carry the dye, or you can get it onne from dharmatrading.com. honestly though i’d get a small bottle and test a corner before investing in a whole rug, cause the chemicals to do dark colors like this can get seriously expensive since it can take two or three dips to do it. good luck!

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  1. Joanne A. W on Wed, 6th Mar 2013 3:16 pm

    We hired a company that specializes in dyeing rugs. They have all the equipment needs and know the correct dyes to use.

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