Q&A: Im in the process of trying to pick out a couch or sectional for my livingroom?

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Question by luvmyboxer: Im in the process of trying to pick out a couch or sectional for my livingroom?
i need help. can someone show me some pic’s of good choices for a family friendly / modern style couch ? i have a large livingroom w/ dark wood floors, no other furniture yet – we just moved in, i just know that is the look i want to accomplish i just dont know how. thank you.

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Answer by Joyce A
What fun for you that you’ll be able to pick out a new couch! And what a daunting task it can be – so many choices!

Not only do you have to consider size and color, but fabric, style, and function as well!

When you say “modern,” I don’t think you mean ultra modern as in low-slung, sleek, straight- armed or armless pieces? Contemporary offers more as far as style and comfort, I think. But that’s just me!

Keep in mind the overall feel of the room and its size and what other pieces you want to put in there. I’d go with a conservative,classic contemporary look that you can pair with almost any style. Stay away from big, huge rolled arms, wood trim on the frame, oversized or overstuffed cushions, and so on. (If you want that look, add a ton of big cushy throw pillows!)

The new microfiber fabrics are very nice looking and are said to clean up easily. I just ordered a new chair in this fabric, but I haven’t gotten it in yet. My daughter has two kids, two cats, and two big dogs – talk about needing family-friendly furnishings…LOL! They have a microfiber set in their family room, and it looks good for all the “use” it gets. The little one marked on the couch with a Crayola (washable) marker, and it wiped right off with a damp rag.

Leather is also a good choice, or a heavy chenille type fabric. Don’t go for brocades, damask, or anything with a formal look or feel. It won’t hold up in a well used room.

I would go for a neutral color in a solid, such as a sandy color, tan, a golden beige, or a taupe. There are soooo many shades of fabrics. I wouldn’t go too light, certainly, with kids. Too dark, and it’s going to blend in with your floors. Use an area rug under your sofa and coffee table to protect the floor and to add interest, texture, and contrast. It will be more comfy, too.

You’ll need to keep in mind these things: Keep it simple and classic, go for comfort, and go neutral. You can’t go wrong. You are not limited to accessories, colors, or styles of your other pieces. Don’t go for trendy – if it’s got big huge purple and red geometric shapes, rethink your choice! Buy something that will still look good in 5 or 10 years. You can change out your accessories, wall color, rugs, art work and window treatments if you stick with neutrals and classics.

Good luck.

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  2. Scarlett on Sat, 22nd Dec 2012 8:44 pm

    I love couch shopping. It’s a chance to give your room an entirely new look and feel.

    If you are looking for a family friendly couch, consider either leather or fabric that is washable. I’ve had couches where I could literally pull off the cushions and throw them in the washing machine. With leather, you can buy leather wipes and wipe off spots and stains.

    There are many different sizes and shapes of couches, but for a family the best bet is a sectional. With a sectional, you can add side tables and cozy lamps to cast a warm glow. Blow up some 8 x 10 photos in black and white and hang your favorite photos of your children on the wall behind the couch.

    When creating a family friendly living room, you can make it even cozier by adding a large area rug in front of your couch. A modern rug such as this http://houseofarearugs.com/Aria-1107-Natural-p-76.html would go great with a dark colored couch in chocolate brown.

    Have fun!

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