Q&A: Where Can I Buy A Solid Black 8X10 Area Rug Online?

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Question by Triquetra: Where Can I Buy A Solid Black 8X10 Area Rug Online?
My rug has worn out since it is in a high traffic area and I can’t find a solid black rug anywhere. I guess they’ve gone out of syle, but that’s what matches my decor. How much would it cost to get a remenant bound? (if all else fails)
I previous bought my rug from JCPenny.com

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Answer by Joyce A
I did a quick online search by googling in “Area rug – black” .
I searched two sites and found black rugs. It’s a bit time consuming, so I’ll leave the rest of the online search to you. Most of the rug sites have options to search by color and/or by size, so it’s easy – just takes time. Since you know more specifically what you want as to fiber and etc., I’ll leave you with the information I found. Maybe other answerers can come up with more options for you.

I found black rugs at:

www. csnrugs.com

Good Luck.

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  1. C on Sun, 11th Dec 2011 12:40 am

    Hi, you can go to a carpet store and get an 8×10 piece of carpeting bound, I think it’s about $ 1 a running foot, but check locally. Here are some blk 8x10s-

  2. mab5096 on Sun, 11th Dec 2011 1:01 am
  3. Pink W on Sun, 11th Dec 2011 1:23 am

    Hi, I found a solid black area rug for you at the site that I by my area rugs from all the time. See it at:

    It’s available in different sizes and you can ask them about different options you have.

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