Rug for underneath coffee table?

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Question by Fatima K: Rug for underneath coffee table?
Hi i was planning on buying a traditional looking rug for my living room to go underneath a cherrywood coffee table what i wanted to know is what are the measurements I shold look out for? I don’t want a huge area rug or a runner but a rectangular rug big enuf that the coffee table can go on it but not too big that takes up half the living room. THanks looking for measuremets!

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Answer by bootsareapacken
I would think you would measure across the top of coffee table, end to end. Then do the same at carpet store. You can judge how many inches you would want the carpet to over lap the table.

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  1. Joanna S on Thu, 13th Sep 2012 9:18 pm

    Hi there…rugs are always a problem..what shape, what size…what color…what pattern? Gad…but your furniture (I’m told) should fit with the front legs on the rug or right up against the rug… the size of the rug, I mean, should fit the size of the seating arrangement, not the coffee table, otherwise, it will look like you set a coffee table on your rug…which would be distracting instead of integrating. By a rug big enough to fit or “join” the furniture. A rug big enough to fit your coffee table is too small by standard reasoning.

  2. Sandyspacecase on Thu, 13th Sep 2012 9:55 pm

    We had, or I should say Mom and Dad had a beautiful Blue and turquoise shag rug under the coffee table. It was about 10 inches bigger than the table, on all ends. It wasn’t as long as the sofa though. Looked real good. Byee

  3. yowza on Thu, 13th Sep 2012 10:23 pm

    Before you begin shopping, accurately measure the total width and length of your room. In addition, measure the major functional pieces in the room, such as the dining table, bed, sofa or coffee table. Sketch a floor plan to show furniture placement and traffic flow. It’s much easier to move furniture with pencil and paper than muscling heavy furniture by yourself.

    Once you’ve taken all measurements, go back and subtract the area rug from your room measurements to judge the exposed floor space. Is the space between the wall and the area rug too wide or too narrow? This measurement is important to remember when selecting the appropriate size rug.

    If it helps you visualize your room better, draw your furniture and floor to scale, then make paper cuts outs. Do you like the traffic flow? Is the rug smaller or larger than you expected?

    I would recommend you start with a 5×8 area rug to begin with, then adjust the size larger or smaller from there.

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