Sam Edelman Gigi Zebra Sandal Black-Rugged And Feminine

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Sam Edelman Gigi Zebra Sandal Black-Rugged And Feminine Most feel that as a women if they wear a biker style boot that it gives them to much of a rough appearance. The Sam edelman gigi zebra sandal black does not give this appearance at all. In fact this particular boot is very classy when worn with black leggings and a skirt. For those individuals that want to wear them with pants or jeans they also have this option.

The leather has a dull look finish to it which is called a burnished leather. The boot comes to the mid calf of the leg which adds to its comfort. Although it has a biker look to it, the Sam edelman gigi zebra sandal black also has a western style as well. There is a studded harness that runs around the boot giving it the western look. However with the addition of the studs to it, it changes the look some what and gives it its biker appearance. The outsole is made of rubber which makes it water resistant and also creates a safe surface for non sliding. The heel is a one inch heel which is perfect for this style.

If you have never purchased the Sam edelman gigi zebra sandal black line of boots before then they are well worth checking out for several reasons. One of the things that you will find that compared to the price the quality in any of the boots is superior. This is what makes the Sam Edelman biker boots Lakota black one of the favored. They are a boot that looks like one has paid several hundred dollars for.

When one goes to purchase these boots they are very pleased with the pricing. These are a pair of boots that are not about to wear out within a year or two. Most individuals find that they have purchased Sam E boots in the past and have had them for several years.

The other great factor about the Sam edelman gigi zebra sandal black biker is that they will never lose there style. They are such a easy boot to get on and off particularly when you can use the pull on straps. The size of the opening of the boot gives plenty of room to slide the boots on and yet will not create a friction on the back of the leg.

There is probably nothing that one could find wrong with these boots or any reason as to why they wouldn

Sam edelman gigi zebra sandal made with faux cow hair and leather available at

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