Schleich homemade rugs and saddle blankets

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NOT FOR SALE I got bored over the weekend so i made these. Took the pink and blue rug one and a quater days and the saddle blanket 20 mins Got a cold sorry if you cant hear me

Kool G Rap - My Life

Album: The Giancana Story Lyrics: Yeahhh, yeh yeh – G. Rap that’s gangsta (my life nigga) [Chorus: G-Wise * vocoder] All of my life, I live I’ll be thuggin with youuuuuuu Thug it out baby, thug it out baby Don’t stop ’til I die for this I’ll be keepin it trueeeeeee Yeah yeah yeah yeah [Kool G. Rap] Yo, yo Giancanna the name break it down simple and plain Went from a small chimp in the game to gorilla king pimpin the game Know how to tempt dames to tense in the Range Hit the block to pitch rocks, the strength of the name Limp with a cane, lactosin limp for the king We even pack toast expend from the flames, my aim Strictly about makin that bread pop (y’know) blocks red hot from feds and cops, lookin for rock bottles with red tops Tradin lead shots with dreadlocks Infrared dots ’til their head drop, we fled spots Word on the curb is when it came to birds we spread flocks (no doubt) No tellin when the bloodshed stop, glide ’til the sled stop Copped the latest every hot flavor in them crocs and gators Somebody clique riff, pop the bravest Out of town trips in whips I got from Avis, drop knots in Vegas My plot for paper was crockpots of wafers [Chorus] [Kool G. Rap] Nigga into warm mansion rooms, wall to wall with handsome goons Half-naked bitches dancin to tunes (uh-huh) Marble floor to the terrace nigga, glance at the moon Play the jacuzzi ’til your hands get blue Rugs tight, bright as the white sands of Cancun [yeahhhh] Skylights up in the ceilings for the plants to bloom
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4 Comments on Schleich homemade rugs and saddle blankets

  1. caperacr on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 5:08 am

    que tema

  2. akiswow on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 6:08 am

    kool g rap :p naf said 😛

  3. kutkoplul on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 6:52 am

    damn this almost sound like some westcoast shit! I like it!

  4. joyyehz on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 7:35 am

    big up g rap!

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