Selecting A Traditional Rug For Your Home

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Traditional rugs
by the_exploratorium

Selecting A Traditional Rug For Your Home

Article by Samantha Clark

Traditional rugs look absolutely fabulous for your house provided you make the right choice. The first step that needs to be taken is, measure the area for its size and shape of a room or interior part of your house, where you are going to use traditional rugs. Then decide upon the size and shape of required traditional rugs, before you buy your traditional rugs. Traditional rugs can be used in your rooms or others interior parts of your house; hence measurement is the mandatory initial step for buying a traditional rugs from any store. Traditional rugs are also being used as wall pieces, so if you have any such plans locate the place where you would want to put up this rug.

The next step involves making a choice. In today’s world with the options available, I would dare say this is the most difficult task. The options that are available are innumerable. With electronic media stepping in to the foray, the retailer may provide you with a CD consisting of a few thousand rug pictures, if it is a book make you choice by simply turning the pages. Look for a style that would suit your room, you attitude and do not be imposed by the personality of the shop keeper. Your rug or carpet should represent you not the choice of the shopkeeper. Great care should be taken for looking at the pictures of the book for any specific style of traditional rugs.

Examine all the patterns of different systems. By examination, you will be able to decide the correct choice for your traditional rugs. After you select a particular traditional rug, visualize the shape and area of your room and consider whether it will suit to your room. If you are going to use only one traditional rug for a room its size should be just that it’s able to cover minimum one-third part of your room floor.

Traditional rugs are available in different shapes such as rectangular, runner, round, square, oval and certain odd shapes. Rectangular traditional rugs are the most common rugs; however they vary in size and material being used. Runner rugs are used in stairways, entrance and hallways. Round shaped traditional rugs available are symmetrical in width and length. Round shaped traditional rugs can be used under round shaped small areas. Oval shaped traditional rugs are quite rare. Square shaped traditional rugs have equal width and length. Square shaped traditional rugs are used generally in square rooms. Odd shaped traditional rugs are the ones in hexagonal and octagonal shapes.

A traditional rug can well define an area. A traditional rug should match with its surroundings. A traditional rug should provide uniformity with other furniture. Dinning room traditional rugs should extend by 18″ x 24″ around the legs of a table. An 8′ x 10′ traditional rug is most suitable for your dinning room or living room. A small traditional rug of 6′ x 10′ is sufficient for small areas and 6′ x 9′ traditional rug would suit a coffee table layout. The right choice and selection will improve the beauty and attraction to your house.

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