Shampooing a carpet at home?

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Question by marm212: Shampooing a carpet at home?
My oriental rugs are extremley dirty and we paid sooo much money for them and they look terrible. Is there anyway to shampoo them at home? Ive heard of using oxy clean with a brush, any other ideas? Also, how do we dry it once it’s wet? Thanks in advance!

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Answer by orderlylogic
A lot of people will say use Oxy Clean, but I would not use it on colors because it can lighten them. It is OXYGEN BLEACH. Spray foam carpet cleaners are convenient but many leave sticky soap residue which only attracts more dirt; also, if you steam clean at a later date you’d have mountains of foam to deal with.

When it comes to carpet and large rugs, I think steam-cleaning can’t be beat. But water will shrink some fibers (such as wool), so you have to know the fiber content. It may have to be professionally cleaned using a dry method.

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  1. Mamacita on Thu, 9th May 2013 6:27 pm

    I would hire a professional steam cleaner to come and clean the rugs.

    I also have a VERY expensive wool, colored area rug in the family room and was told to have it cleaned this way when I have the house done (once a year). (I wouldn’t do it myself).

  2. sassy sue on Thu, 9th May 2013 7:21 pm

    I JUST cleaned mine on Saturday. I rented a professional carpet extractor…they key is to NOT get the wool very wet (even reminded me on the machine) Most people tend to over soak and it can ruin any carpet but wool can take a long time to dry and will be prone to mildew and rot (plus it stinks). If the rugs are that expensive i would recommend having them done professionally, either by an in-house service or sending them out. Some dry cleaners and oriental rug dealers offer this service. It may be worth it to not take the risk.

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