Surya Releases New Spring 2012 Catalog, Surya Square

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Surya Releases New Spring 2012 Catalog, Surya Square
Surya, a leading provider of area rugs and home accessories, announced the release of their new Spring 2012 catalog- Surya Square. This is the 14 th edition of their catalog which is printed twice a year and sent to all current customers the week …
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Feizy Rugs taps Hall, Wilkins to regional sales manager posts
Kint Wilkins Dallas – Area rug supplier Feizy Import &Export has appointed two new regional sales managers to its staff. Brian Hall is assigned to the Southeast, and Kent Wilkins handles the Western region. Each is responsible for developing business …
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8 tips for a budget home makeover
Use other tools, such as art work, throw pillows, flowers and rugs to match current trends or your changing personal taste. Replacing some pillows and a rug is much cheaper than buying all-new furniture, and it can feel like a complete home makeover.
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