The Brilliance of Red Rugs

July 15, 2011 by
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Red rugs
by goldberg

The Brilliance of Red RugsThe Brilliance of Red Rugs

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Home Page > Home Improvement > Interior Design > The Brilliance of Red Rugs

The Brilliance of Red Rugs

Posted: Feb 25, 2011 |Comments: 0


Red is known to many people to be the color of prosperity, and that red could instantly bring luck into any room. It is obvious for any room designer how red could really turn your room from boring state to a spicy and sexy lair in no time. Red furniture is good, but a combination of red TV sets, sofas, coffee tables, and other items would surely be frightening. It might be going a bit overboard. Most stylists would say that the color red only works its magic when you add it as a spice only. Red would highlight, not overwhelm, and a more subtle but effective use of the ‘red technique’ is the use of the magical red rug!

They could come in different shapes and sizes, but most of the time, even without people actually noticing, they actually make rooms look good without being too imposing. Not only that, they also spice up the look of any flooring. It can also be comfortable for your visitors to place their feet. The more traditional ones prefer buying them to complete the look of their rooms. Even simple rooms would get its share of color once you place it on its floor. The cream ones may be well known to the very formal types of people, but nothing compliments an adventurous spirit other than the red ones.

The quality ones are hard to find today. Sure, many stores offer cheap prices for them, but what most people don’t know is that some of the cheap ones really lack quality. You might be able to purchase a cool red rug for , but you would soon realize how you should have bought something more expensive and with more quality after the cheap one you bought easily fades out. It would profit you more if you set a price range that is not so low and not so high either so that while you are being smart with prices, you are also not sacrificing the quality.

A red rug could brighten up and instantly make a room pretty without you having to do some alterations. Not only that, the whole of your furniture appliances may not be that pricey, but your red rug will definitely win over your visitors with its classical hypnotic touch.



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AJ Patel

About the Author:
Our Staten Island Rug Cleaning Services will improve the look of any room.  A dirty and worn-out rug can ruin the appearance of your home. However, a room with a clean, well-maintained rugs can add the class and sophistication that you are looking for, making a good impression upon your guests with our NYC Oriental Rug Cleaning services.


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Our Staten Island Rug Cleaning Services will improve the look of any room.  A dirty and worn-out rug can ruin the appearance of your home. However, a room with a clean, well-maintained rugs can add the class and sophistication that you are looking for, making a good impression upon your guests with our NYC Oriental Rug Cleaning services. 


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