The Colorful World Of Tabriz Rugs

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How can a colorful Tabriz rug help in improving your home or office?

Color influences your attraction to any work of art like paintings and in the exact same way color will also influence your choice of rug. Your choice of rug may be for purely decorative reasons such as hanging it on a wall like a painting or for decorative and functional purposes such as floor covering. The myriad of colors included in the Tabriz rug designs could in fact color your world and put a new life into your home or office environment.

Design, style and size all play an important role in your choice of rug however color is an equally vital factor to consider. A crucial element in any interior design and like any kind of Oriental rug including the Tabriz rugs color also plays an important role in the quality of the Tabriz Persian Rugs.

A major centre for art and learning during the fifteenth century, Tabriz is a small bustling city in the northwest of Persia with a custom of rug making that is centuries old. Through it’s proximity and consequent exposure to Europe, Persia’s rug designs including colors have become well-known to the weavers of Tabriz.

Usually featuring a cream background with egg blue medallion designs, the colors of Tabriz rugs normally vary from deep rich shades of terra-cotta reds and forest green to the softer pastels.

Color and its influence on human emotions and behavior has been studied throughout time and across several different cultures. In many cultures black might imply death though in many of the countries of the Orient including China white is the color of mourning. Red is often related to passion, energy and power with green representing abundance as in nature.

With adaptability and timeless appeal, you can mix and match your styles and colors with Tabriz rugs. With their rich and beautiful colors enhancing the beauty and attraction of your environment as well as creating a harmonious atmosphere for you to live in you will have an investment which will last a lifetime.


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